Here at Joshua Shaw Designs we want to provide you with the best website and marketing products at a great price. Pricing for a Website, Online Marketing, and/or Print & Design, can be very complicated. Many people have said that it is very much like pricing out the cost to build a house—it varies. Therefore, because of this, our pricing varies from client to client. It takes a lot to build a website and because of the intricacies of design, we are unable to provide a solid cost for websites. That being said, our prices usually range from $2,000 dollars for a basic website all the way to $20,000 for a complicated website with hundreds of pages, an online marketing package, and designs.

If you are curious what it would cost your company to hire Joshua Shaw Designs, please feel free to Contact Us for a free quote and consultation. We will either sit down with you in person and provide a quote, or do a simple one through email.

In the end, we want to make sure that your business is taken care of and succeeds in a busy world. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.